All my recipes taste the best when prepared with organic, fresh ingredients.  It really makes a huge difference in our lives what we eat and nothing beats freshness and lack, or at least lower levels, of chemicals.  I don’t believe that refined white sugar should be used in cooking or baking, as some refined sugars are not vegan and highly addictive to some people.  I always use dates for sweetness (in all disguises - powder, "sugar", syrup), coconut sugar or agave nectar.  I am not sure about stevia, purely because of how it looks, but some people use it and are happy with it.  All recipes were developed from scratch so you know exactly what you eat.  I use grams in recipes - that's what chefs in USA do too.  It is hard to measure lighter ingredients with cups.  If packed tighter the real weight changes to loosely packed cup.  Every digital scale in USA has the option to switch from oz to grams.

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